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Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Most memorably, Jackson becomes shark food in the middle of an inspiring monologue.

11 Surprising Facts About Gillian Anderson | Mental Floss

There's nothing scientifically accurate about these killer sharks, but so long as you can suspend your disbelief, this movie is a blast. In the summer of , moviegoers had a choice: watch Bruce Willis blow up an asteroid and save Earth in Armageddon , or watch Robert Duvall blow up a comet and save Earth in Deep Impact. The latter starred Tea Leoni as an MSNBC reporter who discovers that a massive comet is about to collide with our planet and extinguish life as we know it.

Humanity's only hope is to send Duvall and another astronaut to the comet to detonate a nuclear bomb and destroy it before it hits Earth's atmosphere. Shockingly, this scheme fails, and citizens including Leoni and teen couple Elijah Wood and Leelee Sobieski are forced to vie for places in government bunkers so the human race will continue. Director Mimi Leder consulted actual NASA scientists for the film, which was a blockbuster hit—and had a bigger opening weekend than Armageddon.

Body-switching and trading places movies were popular in the s, but Desperately Seeking Susan took a gritty, feminist approach to the genre. By the time the film came out, Madonna had become one of the biggest stars in the world. But the movie itself is already wonderfully self-aware nonsense, with convicted pimp Rudy Ray Moore ejected back onto the streets to aid cops in taking down dealers. There is a charming ineptitude to this movie that Dolemite Is My Name remarks upon but cannot duplicate. Kirsten Dunst stars as Amber Atkins, a poor high school student who wants to be the next Diane Sawyer.

Jo Foley, 23 years old

In watching the film today, some of the jokes are offensive, but the film dared to joke about anorexia while simultaneously giving the characters a lot of heart. Whether you'd classify Clue as a guilty pleasure or just a great movie is up for debate. What's not debatable is that Clue is the greatest film adapted from a board game. The movie follows a group of six supposed strangers who convene at a mysterious house for a dinner party. Boddy played by punk legend Lee Ving dies, and the not-so-strangers try to solve the murder in hilarious ways. When the film was released in theaters, the studio also released three alternative endings.

But today, all endings are tacked onto the film. Nicolas Cage , John Malkovich, Dave Chappelle, and Steve Buscemi are all here to outdo each other in this explosion-filled blockbuster about a group of—you guessed it—cons taking over their prison-transport flight and attempting to fly it to sweet freedom. In , teen movies were abundant. Sarah Michelle Gellar played against type as a coke-addled villain who had a weird relationship with her stepbrother Ryan Philippe.

It proved viewers were watching an atypical teen film, one that still resonates today. From this point on, the actual plot is but a distraction to Langdon and Sophie's breathless discoveries of secret manuscripts, mysterious symbols, and conspiracies involving Opus Dei and the Illuminati, all leading to some kind of revelation about the future of humankind I guess? Paul Bettany plays a murderous monk and Ian McKellen shows up as an evil historian trying to put a stop to Langdon's amazing deciphering skills.

Not one of Howard's better movies, but more fun than In the Heart of the Sea , at least. The film follows Ella in her quest to break a curse that causes her to obey every command—but since one of those commands forbids her from ever telling anyone about said curse, it makes her behavior seem quirky at best, murderous at worst, and almost always hilarious. Yes, the premise is unrealistic: John Travolta and Nic Cage surgically trade faces, and an action film is born. However, John Woo directed the movie—his first American film—and transformed the silly plot into something more profound, and should we say, fun?

Nic Cage gets to be full-on Nic Cage in the film, even to the point of being sacrilegious.

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Woo imbued poetic imagery into action sequences in having "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" play during a pivotal scene. Who knew action paired so well with a melancholy ballad? OK, you root for both of them. Thankfully, Witherspoon and Wahlberg moved on to Oscar fare, but Fear is a great reminder of how unhinged teen movies used to be. Roger Ebert may have described it as "great sound and flashdance, signifying nothing," but you can't deny that this story of a Pittsburgh welder and bar dancer with big dreams of becoming a ballerina played by Jennifer Beals did a lot for sweatshirts.

Sure, the plot barely makes sense, but if you need a full-immersion in s nostalgia, complete with elaborate dance sequences you may have tried to replicate in your childhood living room, this is it. In the s, dance movies were a thing, especially breakdancing films. Remember when a story about hacking could seem like the subject of a stylish thriller rather part of the day's parade of depressing headlines?

While this story of a teenage hacker who gets framed and the friends who save him most notably a young Angelina Jolie was panned by critics, it's become a cult classic and a darling example of s cyberculture, however Hollywoodized. The first thing you notice while watching this now-cult classic is how it has absolutely nothing to do with knife-wielder, William Shatner mask-wearing Michael Myers.

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It does, like its two predecessors, take place during Halloween, when evil Silver Shamrock Novelties implants their Halloween masks with a Stonehenge rock chip. When children see Shamrock's commercials with a flashing pumpkin, it sets the mask off, and well, you can imagine what happens next. Halloween III is a sci-fi movie about how big corporations literally kill people: Let that sink in. Howard the Duck was based on a Marvel comic book, and George Lucas executive-produced the film. So why is it considered to be one of the worst movies of all time? First of all, the film originally was supposed to be animated, but instead producers went the live-action route.

One issue with the film is how sexualized Howard is. He reads Playduck magazine, and he and human companion Beverly Lea Thompson get into bed together, which borders on bestiality.

But over the years, the film—which bombed terribly at the box office—has found a cult following, and Howard cameoed in Guardians of the Galaxy. It keeps a special spot in our s hearts. Jaws didn't need a sequel, but that didn't stop movie studios from releasing three of them. The fourth installment in the Jaws franchise may be the worst, but it's also the most painfully entertaining of the followups. In Jaws: The Revenge , the surviving members of the Brody clan leave Amity Island and all the traumatic memories attached to it to go to the Bahamas.

They quickly learn that they should have chosen a landlocked destination for their trip: The shark from Amity has followed them, because in case sharks in this universe weren't terrifying enough already, they're now apparently capable of seeking revenge. The movie never explains how the shark was able to find the Brodys more than miles away from their home, or why it roars when it jumps out of the water, but the ridiculous plot makes for prime guilty pleasure viewing.

After Diablo Cody won a screenwriting Oscar for her touching teen pregnancy comedy Juno , fans were eager to see what she would do next. Instead of staying in the realm of critical darlings, she went in a much different direction. Jennifer's Body , her second screenplay produced for the big screen, combines all the campy tropes of the teen horror and teen comedy genres. High school cheerleader Jennifer Megan Fox turns into a succubus after a satanic ritual gone wrong, and it's up to her best friend Amanda Seyfried to stop her from slaughtering their male classmates.

On the surface, Jennifer's Body is a fun, raunchy gorefest, but the film's portrayal of teen girl relationships also makes it a groundbreaking work of feminist horror. It parodies yet also pays homage to s gangster films. Keaton plays the adverb-named titular character, who turns to a life of crime to support his sick mother. Come to think of it, they still haven't. Four years later, Keaton abandoned comedy to star in Clean and Sober and took his turn as Batman a year later , and in , Heckerling directed her masterpiece, Clueless.

Jurassic Park 's blend of action, originality, and philosophical themes has made it one of the most beloved movies of all time. Several directors have had tried to recreate this formula—including Steven Spielberg himself with The Lost World in —but none have captured the magic of the original. That's what makes Jurassic Park III a stand-out entry in the Jurassic Park franchise; instead of relying on a heavy-handed moral message or an overly-complicated plot, JP3 gives viewers a straightforward monster flick.

Alan Grant—Sam Neill's his only appearance in a sequel, though he's coming back to the next one alongside Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum—is tricked into going to Isla Sorna a.

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Site B, an island where InGen also created dinosaurs to help a divorced couple find their lost son. When their plane is attacked, the group must find a way to escape the island without getting eaten. That's pretty much it in terms of plot; the rest of the movie is packed with dinosaur chase scenes that don't try to be anything other than entertaining. The plot—a young girl Jennifer Connelly who races through a labyrinth trying to rescue her irritating baby brother from Bowie's clutches—is mostly beside the point; the personality of the creatures, their otherworldly magic, and the bouncy soundtrack conquer all.

Just don't fall into the bog of eternal stench. When local creep Mr. Pyatt to protect his sister. As a result of the incident, Billie and her friends hit the road to evade the police but set off a national media frenzy. But this flick—based on a recurring sketch about an inept MacGyver -type character who just can't figure out how to defuse the bomb—is weird, wonderful, and better than it has any right to be.

In the years since its release, it's become a cult classic, with fans clamoring for a sequel. Val Kilmer is at his kitschy best, chewing scenery as villain Dieter Von Cunth; Kristen Wiig is delightfully quirky as the sidekick and love interest; and Ryan Phillippe is fantastic as the straight man to Will Forte's MacGruber. Between running gags about MacGruber's car stereo to his use of celery as a distraction to a cemetery scene that's too hilarious to spoil, MacGruber is well worth the watch.

KFBR forever! Moviegoers weren't sure what to make of Mars Attacks! Released just a few months after Independence Day , Tim Burton's ode to s B-movies took a much less serious approach to classic alien invasion tropes, and the tone didn't land with everyone. The film was a flop, but it has since gained a cult following among fans of dark humor and campy science fiction.

If you aren't interested in aliens, Mars Attacks! And, though its Rotten Tomatoes score may be a pathetic 1 percent , we challenge you to make it through this movie without a hearty guffaw or two. Just make peace with the fact that you will hate Gwildor from start to finish.

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Let's get this out of the way: The Mummy is a masterpiece. Its sequels, and the reboot No refunds will be issued for cancellations made within 45 days of the start of the housing reservation. You may transfer from one workshop to another or from one housing option to another, space permitting. Registrations are not transferable to another person. When a summer workshop or destination workshop fills, we start a waiting list.

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Most Americans Marry Within Their Race

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