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I have found that markets and cafes are 2 of the best places to meet women. The market because the woman is in a place she doesn't consider to be in a social situation and will be acting more her true self. And if she is there with her mom or grandmother you can see how she interacts with them. Its very easy to start a conversation because the women will be very surprised your there anyway especially if you are alone at a "street" market and not at super market and they will be very eager to help you with your purchases, all you have to do is ask.

This will also give you an indication of their level of English skill. Cafes are nice also because it is a relaxed atmosphere and it is very easy to start a conversation. Questions about the menu or about the area of town your in are great and many times can end with you being invited to join the table with them. It may also have something to do with the high rate of alcoholism in Vietnam. I have heard many stories from some of my wife's friends about their husbands coming home drunk from work 5 to 6 nights a week and a lot of these are not friendly drunks.

True Don, you also have the gambling factor, I have some friends who lost everything due to the husbands gambling. Questions about the menu or about the area of town your in are great and many times can end with you being invited to join the table with them] I do agree with what you think. Yes, we can see the natural manner and behavior of Vietnamese girls so that we can know how real she is, and market is the good place. However, it does not matter where the girls come from.

I also think the mutual thinking and similarities is the strong bond for a relationship no matter where they are from. One of our neighbors when we lived over by Jesus lost his house on a drunken football bet during one of the championship matches a few years back. The mafia guys had no problem booting him and his family out a few days later. We proud of that! I would like to be able to meet someone and get to know them first before getting into something serious.

But sometime there are points of confusion and thing said get lost in translation here. There is no word or understanding of the word "dating" it either all or nothing. That was my first experience with a girls here in Vietnam. I really don't like those websites it seem like it is only a meat market. And you really don't get to know the other person. Ladies give me some advice. What's another word for dating here or term that I can use to say I want to date you exclusively for now and see if the relationship can turn into something more serious.

Lately it's been Girls I go out with for a week or so and they tell me they love me. How can that be??? We have been going out for a couple of weeks. Is it me or love come here too easily. The word love is used very loosely, just look around you. The word is everywhere, on shirts,bikes,shops they are in love with the word love. You have only been here a short time, you cant expect miracles in a few months, it took me 3. I went out with bucket loads of women here, some just for 2 hours some for a few days, its all part of the process. Jinxedta, How about "trial date" like trial marriage?

You can say that to a girl and see how she reacts. They are close to each other physically and spiritually. Meanwhile, in stage 1, they mostly give spiritual sharing with a bit romance. This is different with the "Western culture" this term here is collectively referred to all countries excluding Asian and African ones. So, if you suggest a "trial date" to a Viet girl and applies for the stage 1, I positively think it works.

But for the stage 2, it depends About love, I even believe love comes at the first sight. The point here is when one of the two persons says it out to the other and people, for many reasons, take long time to admit that. Back to the case that girl said love you after one week, for me, no surprise. And I believe that you are old enough to know if it was real or fake.

You should step down from your empty pride which you got from the States and then open your eyes slowly. Sure, you will find out a girl in your dream.

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From my experience, Vietnamese woman are very conservative than what we in the west are use to. I have met some married ones interested in that 1 night fling but I advise against it.

Having been married to an unfaithful wife the few minutes of joy is not worth the pain that can be caused to that family. I have learned that being intimate here is like a promise to marry. There are plenty of western woman passing through, if sex is the need see them or a professional girl. I am not an advocate of prostitution but please give those girls respect and treat them well. I am sure they would rather have a husband supporting them.

I didn't know this would be such hot topic here By all means I'm not into the 1 night stands. I just saying that its not hard to find someone her in VN but finding that someone that is looking to get to know one another before getting so serious is the clincher. You can't really find out someone's quirks within a few weeks. I see why there are so much divorce or separations here. I have had good luck wtih okcupid. They are not the same here as good 'ole American boys. I found a new speed dating thing while searching around the net give me your thoughts vnspeeddating.

In Viet Nam, parent usually force girl to marry from 25 - Over 30, it is not good for giving a birth and people around you will have rumour such as "Poor her!!! She could not find a man, that is the reason why". Especially, the girl in The north, average marriage age is Vietnamese has a concept that people just have a mature and stable life until they get a husband.

100% Free Online Dating in Saigon, HC

Keeping an old girl in family without marriage is like keeping a bomb. Someday, it will explore and "bommm!!! Because this is our culture. Girl will expect to marry you, it is very natural and usual in this society, we accept it. By continuing to browse our site, you are agreeing to our cookie policy.

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Expat hair salons HCMC. Make friend with expat living in hcmc. Make friends for networking in HCMC,. They just want to get married, taking care of their husband, have kids, and go to work every day. Life should be more interesting. Go out and see the world and see what you can do. You just need to be beautiful. You just need to take care of yourself and you just have to have a good outlook and then just date with a rich guy and his family or he is going to take care of you.

How do you think the fact that they need to think about money will affect the way they treat a boyfriend? There are advantages and disadvantages. To me, there are two types of girls. They are not confident at all. Sometimes they are confident about their looks. They can dress well and they can go shopping and they can laugh, they are confident in their beauty.

But inside, their core values, they are not confident. Why do you think some people become pretty but insecure, while others become independent and secure? The way they were educated in the past, when they were kids. Some families, they have a very modern, a very Western mindset. They try to teach their daughters that no matter what they do when you grow up, you have to be independent. You have to be happy with yourself. Especially in the countryside.

Saigon Dating Site, % Free Online Dating in Saigon, HC

Very easy to understand! If you live in a society that produces the kind of woman, they also produce the kind of man who fits the kind of woman. In Vietnam, a man who has property and money, they will love to have a woman who they can control. They want to control everything in their family.

I have the answer! And I feel so sorry because, do you remember, I only care about the first group of girls, who are independent, confident. And I think these kinds of girls will love to date foreigners. Because foreign guys become independent earlier than Vietnamese guys. They have to learn how to live alone and love themselves before they love somebody else. And this is cool to the modern girls who want a similar life. I have to say, I admire them. They are cool, really cool.

And some foreign guys know that they are valuable, more valuable than Vietnamese guys in Vietnam, and they take advantage of it. But for the other cool guys, they know how to respect women. And when foreign guys know how to deal with those sorts of things, Vietnamese girls have no reason to break up.

And people like that, who treat each other fairly, they can have a really great relationship. Oh god, this is so personal! It was just such a change. You feel that Western men just look straight through you. Barely even make eye contact. So I guess I tried to put other things first. Does that make sense? Yeah, with sporadic moments of absolute boredom because of that situation.

But I actually did come here to escape men in a lot of ways. It just kind of backfired.

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  7. Look, I get a certain level of respect for being a Western person. So, if you get one girl today, you get another one tomorrow. And they know that. And they take full advantage of it. It seems like dating a foreigner is a completely different experience for a woman than dating a Vietnamese man. So, dating a white man gives you a higher social status in this country. Because the woman is kind of like the caretaker of the family. And they know that a Western girl is probably not going to do it.

    Do you think just by the virtue of being here white men are somehow implicit in this dating culture? I have only one white friend. Because I just find… I get so angry. Listening to how [white guys] treat the staff. With complete disregard and disrespect. Because they know they can, because no one will hold it up on them. I kind of understand them. A lot of Vietnamese women are quite independent and strong and will stand up for themselves, though.

    Where do they fit in this whole paradigm?

    Part 2: 3 Other Popular Vietnam Dating Sites

    I had a friend Simon, and he always had really well-educated, hardworking women… Fantastic! But he was a really different kind of guy. Girls are more suspicious of guys and not so easy to approach. Its different in Vietnam; I find it easier to approach someone just for a drink or a dinner. I came in Vietnam for the first time in , for a week of holiday.

    At that time I was studying Mandarin in Shanghai. I really loved [Vietnam], the people, so I decided to come back to here six months later for an internship in January First, I have to say that Vietnamese girls are very beautiful — they got something.

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    Past the physical appearance, they are really easy to hang out with: And they are really nice. When you meet girls here, do you usually approach them, or do they approach you? Even if I only try to make friends. Yeah, I think so. Not only Western guys.